Got a story to tell?

Bring your story to life on a poster and add a special touch to your home.

If you choose our personalized gifts, it’s because...

We’re able to bring the idea that springs to your mind to life and to create a unique design on a personalized poster. Let your creativity flow with The Unique Poster.
Where did you meet? What place marked a milestone in your life? The best stories should always be remembered. So… how about to design your own poster?
Here, you are the artist. You decide how to shape that special moment in your life by designing a personalized poster.
Every corner of your house expresses your most intimate and personal side. Decoration, furniture, plants and flowers… now posters too.
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Give that special person a personalized poster.

Choose that special place, customize your design to suit your taste, choose the size... et voilà! You’ll receive your poster within 3 to 5 days, ready to give it to your favorite person.

You’ve always had a very creative mind. You love to let your imagination run free and create special moments. Thanks to The Unique Poster, you can let your thoughts loose and capture that moment in a customized poster. Design the Star Map of the most important night of your life, customize the map of the place where you lived your greatest adventure, put in a frame the silhouette of your baby, or show your personality in a poster with your zodiac sign (soon). It’s up to you! It’s your turn!

Neither two people are the same, nor two posters are the same. That’s the magic of The Unique Poster. You’ll show off a 100% personalized design in your home, completely different from any other. A design completely yours, which characterizes you and brings out your most creative side.

Imagine as many designs as you wish. Create a piece of art for yourself, for your family, or even for a gift. Yeah, just as you read it! A personalized poster is one of the most original gifts you can give to that special person.

Surely you have in mind that special person, who has shared with you your best and worst moments and who has been your soul mate. Isn’t that right? There's no better way to show what he or she really means to you than giving them a personalized poster! Then, you’ll always remember those days spent in Paris, or that trip to Greece where you spent the whole night watching the stars, or the season when you travelled to New York. Make it possible with a personalized poster of The Unique Poster.

Design your personalized poster

It’s very easy. Just choose the type of poster you wish (e.g., a star map poster), then choose the type of illustration, color, size, and text you want to include in your design… And that’s it! It’s that easy and quick to create unforgettable moments with The Unique Poster’s customized posters. Without the slightest doubt, it’s a very original way to give a special touch to your home.

Design your own
Design your personalized poster

What’s being said about us?

“So nice experience! The service is really helpful and nice! They help me when I made a mistake. I love the policy of The Unique Poster! And the posters are very cool”
Ben Smith
“I love it! It’s the perfect present for my partner. I recommend to my friends to give it to their partners.”
Izan P.
“My best friend gave it to me! OMG my face when I received it! I’ll never forget that moment :)”
Nuria B.
“I made my wife a personalized poster of the stars on the day we got married, and I gave it to her on our wedding anniversary. You can imagine her happy face on that special day.”
Francisco A.
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Star Map
Our star maps show the unique alignment of the stars at any time and place in the world.
City Map
Design your own customized map of any place in the world.
Spotify Poster
Create your own Spotify poster, choose a song and your best photo.
Birth poster in Scale 1:1
Celebrate the birth of your baby with a 1:1 scale work of art.