Customised city maps poster

That city, that moment... now, it will always be with you thanks to personalised city maps.
Design your own

Give a personalised map of a city or town and remember that special place forever.

Bring out your creative side by designing a 100% customisable poster of a city or town map. But, mind you, we're not talking about just any map... nope. We're talking about one that tells your story... or your story.

Design your city map

Maybe it was Rome, maybe it was Los Angeles, maybe it was India that changed your life? Immortalise that special moment with The Unique Poster city maps.
Never before had a poster had a story behind it, until we, The Unique Poster, came along and brought it to life. Well, or rather, you are the one who brings it to life. Become the envy of your visitors when they see how original your home decoration is with your personalised city map.
Choose the place, the style, the size and the frame and make it yours! Within 3 to 5 days you can have it at home.
Many stories are a matter of two, that's why a personalised city map poster can be the perfect gift. Only you know the meaning of it, only you know what happened in that place.

Personalised City Pictures

At The Unique Poster you can personalise your city map frames with our 100% handmade frames from Valencia. We have both wooden frames: pine and oak as well as matt and glossy aluminium frames.

Design your own
Personalised City Pictures

The Unique Poster city map reviews

“I loved the poster, it arrived in time for Valentine's Day, it's amazing.”
“An original and good quality gift. Very happy with the gift. I also had a problem when I placed the order and they solved it right away. I think it is a very original gift idea and the quality of the poster is quite good.”
“To give as a gift. I think it is a very nice gift for a person close to me. It is an original idea and the quality of the painting is good. The service was very pleasant and answered all my questions. I recommend The Unique Poster.”
“I loved the poster. An original and personal idea that makes your place different. All very good, the customer service very professional and the delivery perfect!”

City maps with frame

Ready to set up your city map poster? Remember that special place for you.

Create your own map of cities with great artistic quality

The available sizes are: 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 70x100cm and 100x150cm, in all the available sizes there is the possibility of including a frame, either solid wood or aluminium and as long as you select printing with frame the poster will arrive framed.

There are 2 printing modalities, in case you select a personalised city map poster plus poster frame, our team will print the poster on 3mm rigid PVC support and will frame it with the selected frame. In case you select only the poster (without frame), it will be delivered on 270 g/m2 canvas support.

Create your own decorative and 100% personalised city map

What place would you like to remember? The city where you had your first kiss? The city where you said "I do"? At The Unique Poster we make that special moment in your life eternal with our decorative city maps. Available in up to 8 different design combinations and styles.

Customised concrete city map design

You have different designs to choose from. In addition, you can include the place, the text you want, the size and the frame that best suits your style.

Decorate your home with The Unique Poster

With the city maps you can remember that special place and hang it in any room of your home in style. The Unique Poster's posters perfectly reflect your deepest self, giving a unique touch to every room.

The Unique Poster is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your home.

What is a personalised city map?

A personalised city map is a map of a specific city or place on earth. You will be able to select any place you want to create a world map. Create your city map box.

How to create a city map

  1. Search and select a city or place
  2. Select map appearance and style
  3. Ability to modify the phrases that appear on the city poster
  4. Select a city size
  5. Select a poster size
  6. Ability to select a frame

Why give a map of a place as a gift?

It's the ideal gift because thanks to a city map, you can capture the place you want, you can create a map of Spain, map of Madrid, map of Barcelona, map of Italy... The perfect gift to remember that special place.

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