Customized city map poster

That city, that moment... now, it will always be with you thanks to our personalized city maps.
Design your own

Give a personalized map of a city or town and remember that special place forever.

Bring out your creative side by designing a 100% customisable poster of a city or town map. But, mind you, we're not talking about just any map... nope. We're talking about one that tells your story... or your story.

Design your city map

Maybe it was in Rome, in Los Angeles, or in India where your life changed life? Immortalise that special moment with The Unique Poster city maps.
Never before had a poster had a story behind, until we, The Unique Poster, came along and brought it to life. Well, you are the one who brings it to life. Become the envy of your visitors when they see how original your home decoration is with your personalized city map.
Choose the place, the style, the size and the frame and make it yours! Within 3 to 5 days you can have it at home.
Many stories are a matter of two. That's why a personalized city map poster can be the perfect gift. Only you know the meaning of it, only you know what happened in that place.

Personalized City Pictures

The Unique Poster you can personalize your city map frames with our 100% handmade frames from USA. We have both wooden frames: pine and oak as well as matt and glossy aluminium frames.

Design your own
Personalized City Pictures
“So nice experience! The service is really helpful and nice! They help me when I made a mistake. I love the policy of The Unique Poster! And the posters are very cool”
Ben Smith
Google opinion
“I love it! It’s the perfect present for my partner. I recommend to my friends to give it to their partners.”
Izan P.
Opinión de Instagram
“My best friend gave it to me! OMG my face when I received it! I’ll never forget that moment :)”
Nuria B.
Google opinion
“I made my wife a personalized poster of the stars on the day we got married, and I gave it to her on our wedding anniversary. You can imagine her happy face on that special day.”
Francisco A.
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“I ordered a star map of the night my son was born, and I couldn't be happier with the result. The map is gorgeous and the service was top notch. I will definitely order again.”
Desiree Rubio
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“Just as expected, arrived in perfect condition and super fast for a last minute Christmas gift. Super recommended!”
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“I had a couple of problems at the beginning of the order but they solved it the first time, great customer service, I will repeat for sure.”
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City maps with frame

Are you ready to set up your city map poster? Remember that special place for you.

Create your own city map with a great artistic quality

The available sizes are 12x16", 20x28" and 28x40. In all the available sizes there is the possibility of including a frame, either solid wood or aluminium and as long as you select printing with frame the poster will arrive framed.

If you buy a poster and a frame, you will receive the a light frame 1-2 cm (0.4-0.8") thick with transparent and shatterproof plexiglass protection. With the purchase of the frame, a hanging kit is included, for hanging in portrait and landscape orientation, recommended for indoor use. The frame and poster are delivered together. Poster must be mounted by the final recipient. Matte (uncoated) 250 gsm / 65 lb. paper backing. FSC certified

Create your own decorative and 100% personalized city map

What place would you like to remember? The city where you kissed each other the first time? The city where you said ‘Yes, I do’? In The Unique Poster we make that special moment in your life eternal with our decorative city maps. Moreover, they available in up to 8 different design combinations and styles.

A specific customized city map design

YYou can choose different. In addition, you can include a place, a text, the size and the frame that best suits your style.

Decorate your home with The Unique Poster

With the city maps you can remember that special place and hang it in any room of your home in style. The Unique Poster's posters perfectly reflect your deepest self, giving a unique touch to every room.

The Unique Poster is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your home.

What is a personalized city map?

A personalized city map is a map of a specific city or place on earth. You will be able to select any place you want to create a world map. Create your city map box.

How to create a city map

  1. Search and select a city or place
  2. Select map appearance and style
  3. Ability to modify the phrases that appear on the city poster
  4. Select a city size
  5. Select a poster size
  6. Ability to select a frame

Why give a map of a place as a gift?

It's the ideal gift because thanks to a city map, you can capture the place you want, you can create a map of Spain, map of Madrid, map of Barcelona, map of Italy... The perfect gift to remember that special place.

A present for your couple that reminds you of where you met

If you are thinking about giving a special present that accentuates how romantic and caring you are, we might have the perfect idea for you.

Nowadays there are just too many tacky and boring gifts that - let's be honest - nobody likes or enjoys. If you want to surprise someone, you need the kind of gift that carries a lot of emotional value within it.

What if we could give someone a present that reminds us of the place we met? Well, we have good news for you, this object exists, and it is a beautiful poster of where we met map.

A poster of a map that shows where we met?

That's right. It might be hard to understand, and it might not sound as appealing as it is. Yet, after learning about them, you will be convinced that they are a unique kind of present.

Logically, you value and remember with joy the place you first met your loved one. Every single time you and your partner walk near that spot, you both think about it. What if you could recreate that feeling inside your own house?

That is what our custom maps will help you do.

How do these map artworks work?

As said before, this is about seizing the meaning of a special place. Using Google Maps, you shall select the spot you want to draw attention to. This way, it will be clear what the purpose of the poster is and what the spot you want to highlight is.

Of course, this process is done online on our web page. After selecting the area or spot you want to highlight, you shall pick one of our special features or design for your customized poster.

These colorful and vibrant designs completely change the looks of the poster and will allow it to be perfect and adequate to the place it will end up.

After you have finished editing and customizing your poster, it is time for you to submit it and start processing your payment. Our prices range depending on the features you added to your poster.

Once you paid, it is only a matter of time - a short time - until you receive your poster.

How can I get a poster of the place we met?

To design your poster you shall go into our official website, and look for the option that says "Create Now." This way, you'll start the process. After creating a map of the place you met and highlighting a particular location, you will be able to pick a design and submit your poster.

You can also receive it instantly via digital download instead of printed or framed.

Getting a map of where you met your couple is easy, and you can do it online. Do not miss the chance to give someone such a unique gift, create your poster as soon as possible!

What other usages could I give to a map print poster?

Instead of using the poster as a map that shows where we met our couple, we could use map posters for some other interesting things. For example, many people highlight important places that are commonly related to pop culture.

Others might point out the place their children were born. Some others would just point out a place they love for whatever reason.

What is sure is that it is a great piece of decoration for any kind of house, and it is even better if it is about a particular location that is important to you.

Why is it a great option for a gift?

We believe that the most important part of giving a gift is the intention that comes with it. Not every day do we receive such a unique and particular gift as a poster that shows when someone we love met us.

Our map artworks are full of meaning based on your personal stories. The intention is what matters, but this gift is really beyond that phrase. It is not only given with cute intentions, but it is also impressively good to the looks of your house.

Do not wait any more, get a poster that shows where you met your couple

We are sure that your loved one will be grateful and joyful once he or she receives the poster. Many other people have created their custom posters and given them to others. When will you do it? It is up to you.

Get creative, choose your map, highlight the special place, select a design and color the areas you want to point out, and get your poster of the place you met your couple in a record time. You can download it, get it printed, or get it framed like a painting.

Surprise your loved ones with custom map arts

Everyone can agree that there are several spots and places of interest that we love and value not because they are beautiful or they are interesting, but because of the things we have lived in them.

What if you could find a piece of artwork that reminds you and your loved one about the place you first meet? Or maybe the place you proposed? Or any other place that is for some reason important to you?

Thanks to the existence of custom map art pieces you could easily do this at a very affordable price. Our posters not only tell a story, they tell YOUR story. If you want to stagger everyone with a unique type of gift that is only seen once in a lifetime, our map prints posters are your best option in the whole market.

How do custom map arts work?

They are map-print-based artworks that focus on seizing or pointing a particular location with the help of a virtual map to preserve it in a map print to be delivered as a poster.

Of course, you are supposed to hang up the poster on your wall, so that every single time you or the person you gave it to sees it they will undoubtedly remember that very special place, and of course, its meaning.

By following these instructions, you can design, request, and order your very own poster:

Select a specific spot to mark the place you want to highlight. This way, the person who will receive the present will know perfectly the place you are referring to. You can choose a special symbol to mark it down.

Choose the special design you want for your unique poster. There are over four types and styles so that you choose the one who works best for you and the esthetics of the place it is supposed to be.

Submit your customized poster. Our expert team will handle your request fast and in a very professional manner. Then and after you have already made your payment, you will receive your poster in a short time.

What other usages could you give to a custom map art?

Many people would use custom map artworks to mark special spots that have something to do with their romantic relationship. However, other people have given cool usages to our posters.

For example, many parents use them to mark the place their child or children were born. Some others just like to point out places that are somehow significant to pop culture, just like the ones who often appear in movies like Central Park, the Hollywood sign, Madison Square Garden, 5th avenue, and many other important places.

Other people tend to use them as decoration for their houses, which is pretty fine detail and adds a modern touch to the esthetic of the place, even if you don't add or mark any special place. This is even better if you chose a design that fits your house perfectly. There are over 4 different designs for your poster for this to be in perfect synchrony with your home

How was the idea of creating map print posters born?

We all have special or favorite spots, however, not every day do we have the chance to give someone a piece of work that carries the meaning of a special place, our special place, within it.

The thing is that nowadays there are too many tacky and overused gifts that have become just common and lazy. Teddy bears, chocolates, and flowers are nice, but you want to stand out from the crowd, and those presents will not help you. To do so, you need a unique gift.

Having this in mind, it is far obvious that custom map posters are just what you need to stand out from the crowd and stagger the one who shall receive it. Its cool features and characteristics are proof that this is right. Our maps were created to be unique and classy, and also add a modern-like touch to your house.

The ultimate gift

As we said before, you need to think big if you want to impress someone. Tacky gifts are no longer enough, our custom map arts are just what you need. Its various features and characteristics make them interesting, cute, and meaningful; just what it takes to be an awesome gift.

Our prices are reasonable and easy to access for everyone, and we love to help people make happy their special people.

There is no need to keep running in circles and looking for a gift everywhere as you can come directly to us. Our posters are there for you, and if you try and give them to your loved ones, we are sure that they will be glad, and so will you.

Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the latest news about our personalized posters. Do you know how many combinations of city maps can you make? As many cities as there are in the world. So, what is your special place?
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