Custom Star Map

Choose the Place and Date of Your Special Moment and Design Your Own Star Map! The perfect gift for weddings, births, anniversaries or large events.
Design your own

Give someone a personalised Star Map as a gift and remember that special place forever

Capture the night sky of a special moment you want to remember forever. Align the sky with your specific date and place.

Star map poster of a specific place

Relive the happiest night of your life with personalised star maps
Create a star map poster by selecting a specific date in a specific place and enjoy this special keepsake.
If you are looking for a gift, star maps are perfect: 100% personalised with 6 different designs to choose from.
Star maps from The Unique Poster are personalised, you can choose everything from the design of the map to the option of including the Milky Way.

Specific day Star Map

That night was magical, there was a waning moon and the stars were shining brighter than ever. Then, something special happened, something you will remember for the rest of your life. Now that night can form part of your home and give your living room or bedroom a very special touch.

Discover the alignment of the starts on that memorable date and make it last forever with a personalised poster of your star map. Include the text you wish and you will receive it at home within 3 to 5 days.

Design your own
Specific day Star Map

Opinions of the Star Maps from The Unique Poster

“It’s been great, both the service received and the picture itself. My boyfriend surprised me when he proposed with your poster. It’s so beautiful”
“I ordered a poster as a gift. It is really original, the finish is impeccable and the service was 10/10. ”
“I think it's a truly original gift, I love the poster. It came out perfectly.”
“Wow, how beautiful! From the moment I saw it I knew it would be the perfect gift for my partner for Valentine’s Day.”

Opinions of the Star Maps from The Unique Poster

It’s been great, both the service received and the picture itself. My boyfriend surprised me when he proposed with your poster. It’s so beautiful

Framed star maps

Our star maps are a great personalised, fantastic and modern gift. Poster with a design that shows the exact stars that are seen in the time and place selected by the user. Create your own star map of a high artistic quality from our star map editor, the sizes available are: 20x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 70x100cm and 100x150cm. In all of the sizes available, you can include a solid wood or aluminium frame.

There are 2 printing formats, if you select a personalised star map poster with a poster frame, our team will print the poster on a 3mm rigid PVC support and will frame it with the frame chosen. If you select the poster on its own (without a frame), it will come as a 270 g/m2 canvas.

The stars conceal many secrets

What night would you like to remember forever? Your first kiss? Perhaps the birth of your baby? At The Unique Poster, we make that special moment of your life last forever with our personalised star maps.

Star map designs

You have different designs to choose from. In addition, you can include the date, the text you wish, the size and the frame that best suits your style.

Decorate your home with The Unique Poster

The decor of each room in a house speaks volumes about the personality that lives in it. The posters from The Unique Poster perfectly reflect your true self, giving a unique touch to each room.

What is a star map?

A personalised star map is a detailed map of the sky, in a specific place and on a specific date on earth. It can be a date in the past, present or future.

How do you create a star map?

  1. Search and select a city or place
  2. Select the specific date
  3. Select the appearance and style of the map
  4. Option of editing the phrases that appear on the star poster.
  5. Select a poster size
  6. Option to select a frame

Why buy a star map as a gift?

It is the ideal gift since, thanks to a star map, you will be able to capture the particular moment of the stars in a specific time and place. Ideal as a gift for a wedding, christening, communion, birthday, mother’s day....

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Our star maps show the unique alignment of the stars at any time and place in the world.
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