Passionate, adventurous and in love with our work. We’re Miguel, Marcos, and Gonzalo, three Spanish designers who decided to make our greatest hobby, our job.

We were always clear that we wanted to offer our customers a story to tell, moments to remember… It all began during one of our countless trips around Europe when the idea of making The Unique Poster a reality came into our minds. We wanted to continue reliving the adventures and moments in our lives that made us happy when we got home. And so we literally did!

Our project

This project, undoubtedly, includes everything that we love, excites us, makes us feel happy. With our 100% personalized posters, we manage to make those unique moments in the life of each individual person last forever and to bring homes amazing stories.

If there is something that characterizes us, it is that we’re very perfectionist. Thus, we take care of every detail of our designs so that they are of high quality. We want to create something different, which stands out and fills every home with great stories, and thanks to The Unique Poster, we are achieving our goal.

Choose your favorite
Star Map

Our star maps show the unique alignment of the stars at any time and place in the world.

City Map

Design your own customized map of any place in the world.

Pet portrait

Hand drawn illustration of your pet, the ideal souvenir transformed into digital art.

Spotify Poster

Create your own Spotify poster, choose a song and your best photo.

Birth poster in Scale 1:1

Celebrate the birth of your baby with a 1:1 scale work of art.