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For this reason, not only is it enough to have a space with a bed and furniture so that your bedroom can become that place where you want to be as long as possible, it is necessary that you give it a special touch, that you fill it with details that reflect your tastes and personality.

But how to make a good room decoration? is what we will show you in this article. Learn some practical and simple tips that will be very helpful.

Why is it important to give a personal touch to your bedroom?

The rooms were a space of the home to which very little attention was paid when it came to decorating, it was taken as one more space that did not have much importance since it is an area of ​​the house to which not many visitors have access.

However, over the years this point of view has changed, the decoration of the rooms is much more important because it is the place where we spend long hours during the day, in search of peace and quiet. That is why you must invest time, energy, money and efforts so that it always looks comfortable and cozy.

Tips for decorating your room

While it is true that decorating a room requires skills, dexterity and especially good taste, it is a job that you could do yourself; And what better designer than you, who knows each and every one of your tastes, so put into practice the following room decoration ideas and you will get great results:

Study the space of your room

To begin, knowing the space you have to your disposition is essential, that way you will know what types of furniture to integrate in your room and find the best area to locate them. 

Another factor also depends on the size of your room, the colors you can use, since light colors produce a feeling of spaciousness, making you feel that the space is much larger, very different from dark colors that absorb light and give the impression that the place is smaller.

Another thing that you should not overlook is the size and shape of your ceiling, since this area is so to speak the fifth wall of your room. Depending on the size and shape, you can choose a color to paint it or better yet lamps that add a unique and personalized touch.

Be clear about the theme you want to use

It is necessary that the decoration of your room follows the same thread and goes in harmony with the theme you have chosen from the beginning, in this way not to overload the area with different styles, which instead of creating a warm place will produce a shock of sensations in you ending the tranquility and peace that you are looking for in this place.

There are many themes that you can choose to decorate your bedroom, the best thing about this is that you can use the one that you like the most and best represents you. For example, if you are a lover of black and a lover of the bohemian style, you can decorate with dark furniture or better yet paint one of the walls of the room in black and add gold accessories and geometric figures.

And if you are an adventure lover or with a slightly daring personality, choose to paint half of the walls of your room in vibrant colors such as yellow, do not forget to add accessories and furniture that slightly counteract the intensity of this.

The best thing is that you play with the colors, textures and designs regardless of the theme you decide to use, remember that it is a space just for you, so let your creativity shine and put all those great ideas that you have thought into practice, do not forget that the key is to be authentic and original when decorating your room.

Lighting and accessories

Lighting is very important when it comes to bedrooms, depending on this you will have a comfortable and pleasant place.  The brighter your room is, the warmer and more comforting it will be. 

Ambient lighting is perfect because it completely illuminates the bedroom, but if you are a lover of reading, lamps will be your best ally, since you can place it in the specific area where you are going to read, such as the desk.

However, there must be balance in the lighting, for that you can use the curtains or the on and off switches. 

Accessories also play an important role, however, you must be careful to overload the space with these, as they will give the impression of disorder and do not convey the feeling of serenity, always remember the saying that less is more.

Star map paintings 

If you want to add a personalized touch to your room and better still to give life to the sensations of a special moment, star map paintings are the right ones for you, they are becoming more and more popular and you can use them for almost any occasion. Its elegant style will undoubtedly be the perfect decoration for the wall of your room.

If you want you can add a message to make it much more personal and original, remember that it is you who creates the star map by providing certain information such as the date and time of a certain event, as well as the place, so you can capture the image in a box. precise location in the immense firmament.

Summary of decoration tricks 

In summary, choose strategically the colors that you decide to use on your walls, since these will positively or negatively affect your mood and not only that, they can generate the feeling that you have a large space or small.

On the other hand, lamps and paintings should be used sparingly, lighting is important, but it is not good to overload our room with it. On the other hand, if you have photos of important moments captured in your paintings or you have a star map, it is best to place them in a visible area such as the bedside table.

With these ideas for decorating a room, you are ready to give life and a special touch to your personal space. Obviously, these tips are equally valid for decorating the room of a married couple, youth, children and babies.

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