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We know that the living room of the house is one of the most special places in the home, well, just imagine arriving after having had a long day at work and finding your comfortable sofa; Is it true that just thinking about it is already very relaxing?

In addition, in this space of the house we usually get together as a family to talk or to watch a good television series and, when we invite friends, it is right in this small place where we usually receive and serve them.

It is for all of the above that this space in the home needs special treatment, that is, the decoration of the living room must be unique, pleasant and beautiful in order to create a cozy atmosphere in which everyone wants to be.

Recommendations to decorate your living room

Before starting to decorate your living room, follow these simple recommendations and make sure you do your best:

The size of the room matters

The decoration of a small room is not the same for a large room, that is why always, before starting to decorate, you should analyze the size of your room.

For example, if your living room is small, some decorative elements will be enough to make it look spectacular, these can be simple or more glamorous, as long as you do not exaggerate in quantity, since the idea is to create a pleasant environment that flows both visually and physically.

Now, if it is a large room, you can dare more, but yes, without abusing it. In this case, look for decorative and functional elements of different sizes and generate a balance between them, so that no type of distortion is created.

Decoration of the living room walls

An infallible secret to achieve a successful living room decoration is to take advantage of the walls, for this you can choose different types of paintings; Either star map paintings, terrestrial map paintings, abstract paintings or any other painting that you like and that goes with the rest of the decoration; that way you will give life and style to the space.

Choose the style of decoration and its decorative elements

Currently there are many styles of decoration for living rooms, however, that does not mean that you are going to choose them all or that it is mandatory to choose the latest trend; In this sense, the recommendation is that you opt for the style of living room decoration with which both you and your family members feel comfortable and at ease at all times.

Next, choose the decorative elements that make it up, according to the previous recommendations.

Decoration styles for the living room

Since we have talked about decoration styles for living rooms, let's see the most popular and spectacular today, so that you can decide on the one you like the most.

Modern living room decor.

It consists of mixing and combining furniture, colors and elements that are intrend current to create a modern and contemporary style that denotes sophistication. It is usually simple but very elegant and can be based on the minimalist and Nordic decoration styles.

Minimalist decoration for living room

In this case, it is about decorating the living room with the fewest possible elements. These must be functional and must balance each other. The goal is to achieve a sober and elegant style.

Nordic decoration for living room

This style of decoration is a derivative of minimalist decoration, since it requires very little to achieve. The objective is to include the least amount of ornamental elements and to take advantage of the light and the spaces to create a natural, peaceful, elegant and comforting atmosphere.

Rustic living room decoration

It consists of combining furniture and elements of rustic materials from nature such as wood or coarse fibers. Always with good taste, a cozy style is achieved.

Vintage decoration for living room

This style is achieved by combining antique or aged style elements. With this decoration we seek to create a comforting room with personality, full of stories and charm.

Elements for the decoration of the living room

These elements will help you decorate your living room easily, beautifully and perfectly:

Paintings for living room decoration

The idea of ​​decorating the walls of your living room with paintings is to give life and personalize the space. You can choose the type of paintings that you like the most, however, star map paintings are in fashion and will help you create a unique atmosphere in your living room.

These pictures are images of the night sky full of constellations, galaxies and planets. They give the feeling of immensity and space and, in addition, they are very elegant.

The best thing is that to create them you need specific and personal data of the family members, so you will have unique pictures. If you want, you can also include personalized messages to make them even more special. 

We assure you that the wall of the living room where you are going to place them will attract all eyes.

Decoration with furniture for the living room

Furniture is basic in any living room because it provides comfort and convenience, however, it should not be limited to this, but should also be part of the decoration of the room.

In the market it is possible to find furniture with different models, designs and styles so that you can choose the ones that you like the most.

Figures for the decoration of the living room

Classic, modern, minimalist, abstract figures and many more; the point is that they have become an essential element when decorating any room. These add personality, character and style to the space, as they are the perfect complement to the rest of the decorative components in the room.

Decoration of the living room - dining room

If your house or apartment is small, the living room most likely shares some space with the dining room, so when decorating you cannot leave out the last mentioned place, since otherwise physical distortions would be created and visuals.

The recommendation is to analyze the shape and space available and thus decorate your dining room with elements that connect them and that at the same time give them individuality.

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