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Although it has its origins in European countries with cold climates, it is currently a style that has taken hold of all countries in the world thanks to its elegance, simplicity and functionality.

If you have come this far, it is because you are one of those people who this type of decoration has fascinated and, it is not for less, because it is beautiful, comfortable and comforting.

So if you want to decorate your home or any space in your house in the Nordic style, you should not go anywhere else, because here we will teach you everything you need to know about Nordic decoration and we will give you all the tips to get it easily.

What is Nordic decoration?

Nordic decoration is a style of interior decoration that has its origins in countries in the north of the European continent, where very low temperatures predominate most of the year, such as Sweden, Norway, Stockholm or Finland; for example.

It arises from the need to create open, bright and welcoming spaces, in which the family could share moments of harmony and tranquility full of comfort.

The Nordic decoration is combined with the minimalist decoration style, since it requires few elements to be achieved.

This type of decoration stole the heart of the world in 1954, when it was exhibited for the first time in the American continent in an event held in North America, in which it was intended to show the decoration style of the northern countries of Europe.

Since then and until today, the Scandinavian style of decoration has been part of many homes around the world, since what is most attractive about it is its comfort, simplicity and elegance.

Main characteristics of the Nordic decoration

Nordic decoration has very marked characteristics that make it immediately recognizable. The main one is to have open spaces full of lots of light.

On the other hand, the white color is also a fundamental key to achieve it, as it helps to project the luminosity we are talking about; That is why the Scandinavian style combines white walls with white furniture and other soft tones.

The fewer elements there are better, the, of course, the few that exist must be comfortable and fully functional. On the other hand, they must connect and complement each other.

Another of the characteristics that predominate in the Nordic style decoration are the furniture and decorative elements made by hand with natural materials, especially wood. These should have geometric shapes that fit together.

There must also be natural plants and flowers that connect with the energy of nature and also provide life and that subtle touch of color that is required to contrast with the white color.

The living rooms with Nordic decoration are simply beautiful, due to the simplicity and tranquility that they inspire, however, this space of the home is not the only one that can benefit from this style, since the rest of the rooms and rooms of the house also can carry it.

Elements of Nordic decoration

So far you know what Nordic decoration is and its characteristics, now we show you the main elements you need to get it:

Geometric furniture

The furniture should be few but very comfortable and functional. They must have definite geometric shapes. In this sense, they can be round, cylindrical, rectangular or square.

They can be bought in any store, although they will have an added value if they are handcrafted.

Star map boxes

Star map charts are a trend in any type of decoration, as they are elegant, personal and customizable, so they have a unique and special energy.

So that your star map picture does not clash with the Nordic decoration style, it needs to be framed in a white frame and the background must also be white. This will maintain balance and sublimely highlight that beautiful patch of bright sky.

Decorative elements

Lamps, paintings, coffee tables with modern geometric shapes and the occasional figure are the additional decorative elements that are part of this style of decoration. Remember, the tones should be white or very light so as not to unbalance the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that is created.

Benefits of decorating in the Nordic style

For many reasons, decorating your living room or the rest of your house in the Nordic style is beneficial. The simple idea of ​​living in a place full of spaces and lots of light will fill you with peace and joy.  

But, this is not the only advantage, but among other benefits associated with this type of decoration are the following:

A cozy home is created

By having a natural and simple style, Scandinavian decoration is automatically accompanied by a cozy atmosphere full of warmth in which the whole family can feel at ease. In this way, the energies will flow and inter-family relationships will be favored.

Clean and tidy environment

It is mandatory that the Nordic style of decoration requires order and cleanliness to function and, surely, we will all agree that nothing is better than living in a neat environment. 

In addition, as this type of decoration requires few decorative elements, cleaning is an easy task to perform.

Nordic decoration never goes out of style

One of the greatest benefits of this type of decoration is that it is timeless, that is, despite the passage of time and trends, it is always current; So if you are a person with a classic style or on the contrary, an avant-garde person, decorating your home in the Nordic style will always keep it updated.

Do you dare to decorate your house or flat in the Nordic style? Put into practice the suggestions that we leave you in this article and get it.

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