How to choose the best decor for your baby's room

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But how to decorate your baby's room? What color to choose and how can you make the most of the space? 

Why is it important to decorate your baby's room?

To begin with, it is important that the child has his own space and that it is conditioned in a personalized way, choosing the furniture, the color of the paint and accessories that can provide a warm place. In this way, mom will be able to fulfill all her functions and provide the best care in a comfortable and safe way. 

The first months of your baby are very important for their development, that is why their room must be decorated with the purpose of increasing their stimuli and that the child can constantly know new sensations in their environment.

5 ideas to decorate your baby's room

The ideas that we will show you below can be used to decorate a baby girl or boy's room: 

1. Safety is essential

Knowing that they will bring a child into the world, parents develop feelings of protection, this with the intention of keeping your baby safe and out of any danger, that is why the room must have several security measures.

In principle, the crib must be of quality and made of resistant materials. The same goes for the changing table and whatever area the baby will be in.

As time passes, their abilities and skills will increase, that is why furniture with surrounded edges is indicated for the room of the smallest of the home, as well as putting protectors to any source of electricity.

When your baby begins to walk, you will not only increase the adventures but also the chances of him getting hurt, therefore, at those times they are very helpful protection bars. In addition, you must have a specific and safe area to store medications or any other dangerous or sharp product.

2. Choose colors well

Colors are very important when it comes to decorating a space, as they can have a negative or positive influence on people. 

For many years, parents had limited themselves to choosing pink for girls and blue for boys. However, this has changed over time.

Because babies need a comfortable, pleasant and cozy space, it is best to choose light colors or only paint a wall in a dark color such as orange or fuchsia, and as the rest of the walls have light colors, the intensity will be counteracted . 

To add a touch of joy, it is good that you play with the textures, the colors, the rugs and that you use various types of upholstery and accessories.

3. Furniture is important

After knowing well the space that you have at your disposal to create your baby's room, it is important that you start looking for the right furniture for the space you have at your fingertips. 

If this is small, it is best that you look for multifunctional furniture, for example, drawers that serve to store folded baby clothes and that at the same time serve to sit.

 Cabinets and drawers to store things play a relevant role in baby room decorations. If you want to use the furniture even when it is large, it is recommended that you look for some that he can have easy access to.

The lights, cushions, rugs, lights and toys must be in harmony with the theme you have decided for the room as well as the color you have chosen, that way you can create an avant-garde design

4. Decorate with star maps 

To take the decoration of your baby's room to another level, you can make use of star maps, these are ideal to give a personalized touch to the place where your child will spend the most time of their first years of life. 

Basically, star maps consist of a beautiful custom-made image of the sky. To generate it, you need to provide the date of the event, for example the birth of your baby; including a small message that you want to add. From our website you can generate the star map and receive it at your home in record time. 

What a beautiful detail to be able to decorate your baby's room with a beautiful message that for many years can remind him of how special and memorable the day he came into your life was!

5. Manage the space

In order to make the most of the space in the room for your baby, you could mark with a tape the exact place where to place the crib, changing table, chairs, wardrobes and other accessories, so you can distribute the space more efficiently and quickly.

The best thing is that the furniture you buy is not very large. As it is for a baby, it is enough that it has a standard size, however, as it is also true that many of the furniture are used by mom and dad, if they are large, try to place them in specific areas where they take up the least space possible.

How to make your baby's room comfortable and cozy?

To begin, you must choose a theme for your baby's room, the one you like the most. Currently, there are many options, be it animals, points, a botanical style, clouds ..., you must bear in mind that the theme and the colors you decide to use influence the personality of your child.

That is why it is best to play with colors. By choosing the main color, you will have a starting point, from which you can base yourself to select the furniture, rugs and even the stuffed animals that you will use.

The pictures on the wall,including those of stellar and terrestrial maps are a very subtle and elegant way of providing warmth to the room. If you place them in an area that is visible to your baby, thanks to his curious eyes he will be able to discover new emotions and sensations through this type of decoration.

If you put into practice the suggestions we have given you for decorating a newborn baby's room, you can create the perfect environment for your boy or girl.

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