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The picture prints are perfect for making the most original and creative pictures that you can use to decorate the walls of any room in your home.

Among the advantages are that they are very economical and that there are thousands of thousands of designs, so you can choose all those you like and you can give free rein to your imagination creating the most beautiful pictures, which will later be used to complement the style of decoration of your home.

That's why this time we would like to suggest some ideas and trends for picture prints with which you will be able to create the most amazing decorations. In addition, we want to give you some useful tips so that the final finish of your paintings is the best of all.

The best picture prints for paintings

You don't know which picture film to choose? Then don't miss the following selection of the most original and creative ones with which you can make the most incredible and extraordinary paintings.

Stellar maps canvas prints for paintings

To have a print of your star map, the first thing you have to do is to generate it through our website. You will only need a few personal details, including date and time of birth. 

Next you will get a night sky image in which you can see hundreds of bright stars and constellations positioned and aligned according to the data you provided, so it is a unique and personal image.

You can then have your star map printed out and made into a poster, which can be framed to create a modern, special and personalised picture that is ready to adorn any wall in your home.

Text prints for pictures

Text prints have become the latest trend for creating decorative pictures. They are characterised by short phrases or quotes that are usually motivational and inspirational.

The texts are written in different fonts and are superimposed on both solid colour backgrounds and patterned backgrounds, so that each user can choose the picture that best suits their personal style and the style of decoration of their home.

There are text sheets with pre-determined writings, however, if you want to be more original, you can create your own personalised texts and then print them in the form of sheets to create original pictures.

Geometric shapes sheets

If you like geometric shapes and figures, then you will love the picture prints with these inside. It is possible to find pictures with triangles, rectangles, circles, diamonds, lines of different thicknesses, and other similar shapes.

These picture prints have a modern, sophisticated and minimalist feel to them that has become a favourite with innovative people who like to keep it simple and eye-catching and who enjoy going with the trends of the times.

They are also very elegant and can be used to create beautiful pictures that decorate any wall in any room of the house.

Photo prints for pictures

Print your favourite photos and dare to create the most original and personal photo prints for pictures, with which you can make pictures with a special meaning and with a message to convey.

Whether they are photos of your wedding, your children, your family, your friends, your pets or any other photos you want, this is a creative idea that is gaining more and more followers every day due to the emotional charge it involves and how fantastic they look on the walls.

Personalised prints for paintings

The main advantage of making pictures with sheets is that they are completely customisable, so you can add the texts and images that you like the most and that are most representative for you.

They are also versatile and adaptable, as they can be used to give style and character to a living room, as well as to add sweetness and tenderness to the bedrooms of the little ones in the house.

What's more, making pictures out of foil is a fun project that can be done in the company of all the family members, ensuring quality time together.

Tips on how to make the best pictures out of pictures with foils

If you follow these tips you can make the most beautiful pictures to decorate the walls of your home:

Choose your favourite poster

Make sure you choose a picture print that you love and that matches the style of decoration in your home, because remember that you are going to create a picture that will become the centre of attention, so it should contain images or texts that inspire you and that you like to see every day.

Go to a good marquetry shop

Once you have chosen the best picture frame for your taste and style, the next step is to have it framed to get the picture of your dreams. 

So, if you want a neat and professional result, make sure you go to a marquetry shop that is committed to detail and uses top quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction.

Choose the most beautiful frame

Not only should the picture plate be beautiful, but you should also make sure that the frame that will enclose it is also beautiful, because only in this way you will achieve a perfect decorative picture as a final result.

There are hundreds of frame designs on the market, so choosing one will be a matter of personal taste; however, one recommendation to make the right choice is to consult the current trends.

Where to find picture prints?

The Internet is a minefield of picture frames, you only have to put in your search engine the ideas you want and with a single click millions of options will appear. Similarly, there are applications and programmes where you can create your own personalised picture prints in a matter of seconds.

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