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With a little creativity and a good dose of customization, you can turn any space into a unique and pleasant place.

Therefore, keep reading this article, where you will find practical and simple ideas that will help you adapt your home or any space in it to a rustic, robust and authentic style.

Why choose industrial decoration for the living room or another part of the house?

To begin with, industrial decoration is usually much cheaper, but at the same time stylized since it involves a vintage and very chic style. Since the 50s, this type of theme has become a trend since any space can become a unique and incomparable loft.

Any space with exposed structures, brick walls, beams, concrete, iron, leather, wood and the like, can become a cozy and archaic place. The best thing about this style is that you alone, without the help of a professional designer, can decorate your home, you just need a generous dose of creativity.

Industrial decoration ideas industrial 

Although Design allows you to play with textures, colors, furniture and accessories, you should always bear in mind that it is not good to overload any space so that you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant environment. 

To achieve this, we will show you some industrial decoration tips below:

Learn to reuse any type of materials

One of the advantages of this theme is that it allows you to reuse anything you want, it will only be enough that you are clear about how it will be integrated into the space you are decorating and you can get excellent results.

The older the furniture and accessories you decide to use, the better it will be, since the bumps, wear of the materials or any dents will provide a unique, authentic and original touch to the area you are decorating. 

The wooden boxes, with a touch of paint, could be used to turn them into tables, shelves or drawers in which you can store any type of things. On the other hand, the cabinets could be used for pantries or in the way you want.

Use the right colors and textures.

Industrial-style decoration has a special charm, because it is characterized by being very unique and varied. The most common is that dark colors such as black and especially gray in any of its different ranges, or silver

Learn how to use any exposed brick wall, unpolished concrete area, tube, pipe, or any type of metal to your advantage. Take advantage of even old furniture, paint chips or a wall with bumps and scratches, that way you can play with textures and add a unique and authentic touch to each space. 

In addition, you must add textures that give that sober and masculine touch that the place needs. For that it is good that they strategically integrate cottons, any type of linen or burlap, also use geometric drawings or a pattern that you like.

Add the right furniture and accessories. 

In an industrial style decoration, you simply cannot miss raw wood, wrought iron or any of its types. Therefore, you should choose furniture that integrates wood or that is made of pure iron, it does not necessarily have to be new, since the older and used the better.

So usually the furniture for this type of style are pure leather or if you do not like the body could also upholster a sofa  table or chair with linen or burlap even better. The furniture should vary depending on the place where you are going to place it, be it the living room, the dining room or the bedroom.

As accessories you can use vases, vintage style lamps and better yet add some iconic pieces such as Tolix chairs or some old paintings, star or earth maps, a wall clock or any other accessory that is to your taste and preference.

Integrate tables of stellar or terrestrial maps

An original trend for any industrial-style space are the star maps and terrestrial maps, with them you can give a unique and authentic touch to the place you are decorating, since it is not only in your hands to create your own box, but you can also choose the material and model you want it to have.

Acquiring a stellar or terrestrial map is very simple, from this same website and completely online you can create it, for this you must provide certain data such as a date, your personal data and the place where that special event that you want to remember occurred, so you will have the exact position in the sky with more than 8,000 stars, constellations and planets.

Imagine being able to decorate any space in your home with one of these beautiful paintings, which will allow you to remember sensations and emotions from any special day in your life just by seeing it captured in that beautiful work of art.

Fun facts about industrial decoration

This style of decoration began in the 50s when a large number of homeless people, foreigners, students and artists, decided to use abandoned places as their homes. They were usually factories, lighthouses, warehouses or any other building with large open spaces, that is why this style is also called industrial loft decoration.

From then on, those people in need of housing, decided to give it some personal touches with second-hand accessories and used it for the economic factor. Over the years, these old factories and abandoned places were turned into beautiful and cozy homes. Over time, after seeing the magnificent results, this style has become a trend.

Now that you know some ideas and strategies for industrial decoration, you can put them into practice in your own home to give it a unique and personalized touch.

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