Marie Kondo's Method of Order and the reason for its success

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which consists of simple, but very effective techniques of order, which will not only transform your space, but also your life.

Do you want to learn much more about Marie Kondo's order method? Then read on, get to know it and take advantage of its benefits.

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman who has been a lover of order and organization from a very young age. In fact, she herself comments that since she was little she was in charge of tidying the closets of her family members, even when no one asked her, well, she loved that everything was organized and her relatives also enjoyed the results obtained.

Later, he founded his own company dedicated to offering advice on the correct organization of the whole house. Basically, he taught his clients to get rid of what they did not need, to tidy up their cabinets, and he also taught them to optimize spaces.

The success of his company and his method was such that he decided to write the book "The magic of order" which to date has sold more than 4 million copies, thus becoming a Bestseller.

Thanks to the best-seller of her book and the effectiveness of her method, Marie Kondo is known as the guru of order and in 2015 she was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of that year.

What is the Marie Kondo Method?

The Marie Kondo Method or the Konmari Method - as it is also known - is a method of cleanliness and order that basically states that to live in harmony and well-being, it is necessary to live in an organized and orderly environment.

Likewise, its author affirms that this order is directly related to the values ​​of each person and their personal aspirations to live well.

In this sense, he proposes a series of organizational techniques that not only seek to order physical spaces, but also point to a change in energy that leads to a true transformation leads to, which in turn a better state of mind and happiness.

The techniques of the Marie Kondo Method are the following:

Get rid of what is not necessary

The vast majority of people tend to keep an enormous amount of things that we do not need and that, most of the time we do not even know what we save, thus accumulating more and wasting space.

Although many times it is not easy to get rid or throw away what we believe fulfills a function, according to the author the most effective way to start organizing and ordering our house and our closet is by throwing away or donating all those things that are really not useful to us.

Select the clothes

Open your closet or your closet and take out all the clothes, then start selecting the clothes that you do use to separate them from those that you have not used for some time. The latter should no longer take up space in your closet and you should only keep those that you like and that make you happy when you wear them.

At this point, you need to focus to make the right decision about what clothes to keep and what not to keep. As a recommendation, you can donate clothes that you do not use to shelters or collection centers.

Sort the clothes

According to the Konmari method, the clothes should be selected by categories, that is, blouses, pants, intimate clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, among others. That way, organizing and finding them later will be easier, faster and more satisfying.

Marie Kondo also recommends that there be more folded clothes and fewer hanging clothes, as this will greatly optimize your closet space. The guru of order says that only those clothes that actually require it should be hung.

The latter should be hung according to their visual weight and colors, for this he recommends that light garments go on the right side and that heavy ones go on the left side, in order to harmonize and balance the space.

For small items such as socks, scarves and other accessories, the author advises the use of boxes for this purpose; while to store the bags, it is recommended to keep them one inside the other.

Decorate your closet

Now your closet is tidy and has a lot of useful space, which is undoubtedly wonderful, but to make it look even better and to give a greater sense of well-being, it is suggested to make subtle decorations.

They can be figures, pictures with inspirational phrases, photographs or better yet, pictures of star maps. The latter are very special because they are personal and personalized maps of the night sky full of stars and constellations. 

In addition, they are very delicate and elegant, so they will look spectacular in your closet and will add a unique energy to the space.

A space for books

One of the techniques of the Marie Kondo Method is not to save more than 30 books at a time, that is, the fact that you accumulate many books does not mean that they are all of interest to you, therefore take your time to select them and stay only with those that really fascinate you. Those that are not so much, you can donate them to a library.

Do not accumulate papers

It happens to all of us that we have a drawer, bag or a space full of papers that at some point were useful to us or we thought would be useful to us and, in reality, the only thing they have done so far is to occupy space and cause disorder .

To sort them effectively, first select them in categories, that is, bills, mortgages, receipts, among others. Then only keep those that are essential and get rid of those that are not (which are usually the majority). 

The latter can be taken to a paper recycling plant, where they will give you a better job.

Why is this ordering method so successful?

Marie Kondo's method of order is successful because it not only helps to clean and organize physical spaces, but its premise is to ensure that each user obtains a better quality of life through order and organization, since, obviously, well-being and harmony will be the order of the day and energies will flow correctly, thus bringing peace and happiness to users.

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