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In addition, learn how to decorate with modern paintings without dying in the attempt and make each wall of your house acquire avant-garde and personality.

The most popular modern paintings of the moment

When we talk about modern paintings, we refer to paintings with current images and that are in trend, in which colors, lines and other elements are used just by seeing them are related to the present and even to styles futures.

Currently, modern paintings are widely used to decorate houses regardless of the style of decoration they have, as long as it is possible to create a balanced and concordant atmosphere.

In the following sections we will show you the modern paintings favored by users, so that you know them and choose those that you like the most.


mapA star map is an image of the night sky, but it is not just any image, but a very special one, because it turns out to be a portion of the universe full of stars, constellations, planets and entire galaxies related to your date and time of birth, with your zodiac sign or with an event you want to remember.

To obtain one of these, it is necessary to enter certain data in the generator of our website, which will return your own star map. Later, you can have it framed in order to create one of the most modern and beautiful paintings that you will have in your home and, which are currently in trend.

As a decorative element for any wall in your home, the star map pictures will look spectacular, because they are elegant and very sophisticated. Also, if you want you can add special messages and phrases to give them an even more personalized touch.


paintings Abstract paintings are those types of paintings that never go out of style and that continually will give an air of modernity to the space where they are arranged. In addition, they will always be the center of attention, because your family and guests will not stop seeing them trying to decipher the image or the message they hide, thus coming to have more than one meaning.

These paintings convey trend, avant-garde, character and a lot of personality, so placing one or more of these in different spaces of your home is an infallible success. Of course, to make sure that your abstract painting is a modern painting, it must have colors and shapes that are in trend.

Artistic paintings

Although probably when talking about artistic paintings the first thing you think of is the classic paintings by Da Vinci or Picasso, the truth is that there are modern art paintings that are ready to decorate the walls of any room in your home.

Without a doubt, this type of painting is synonymous with sophistication and good taste, and they always have something important to convey. 

If your house is decorated in the minimalist style,  artistic paintings are decorative elements that can not miss your walls. However, if your decorating style is different, in the same way an artistic painting will always look magnificent.

Photo frames

One of the latest trends in modern paintings are photo frames. These consist of photos that are sent to be enlarged and framed to become one more decorative element of the house.

They can be personal or family photos and even special moments and occasions that you want to share with your whole family and with your guests once they enter your home.

The most popular modern photo frames are those with black and white photos, since they are the perfect mix between classic and current, however there are many more styles and they all look fabulous.

As a recommendation, be sure to choose the best photos to turn into paintings and enjoy a modern and personalized decoration that everyone will love.

Modular paintings

Modular paintings are very fashionable today; These consist of two or more individual frames that complement each other to form a single image or a series of related images. These paintings are ideal for decorating large walls or for placing on the main wall of bedrooms.

The best thing is that modular paintings can be of different styles, that is, they can be abstract, artistic, star maps, photographs, flowers and much more.

A very original and modern idea with this type of paintings is to place modular paintings with your star map next to the star maps of the rest of the members of your family, in order to create a unique and personalized complete image, which we assure you will make your living room look good. , bedroom or any other room in your house, simply spectacular.

How to decorate with modern paintings?

Before decorating your walls with modern paintings you have to evaluate the decoration style of the room where you are going to place them, this to try to choose a painting that combines with the rest of the decorative elements, then, the idea is to create a visual balance that flows naturally and is pleasant and comfortable to look at.

On the other hand, you should also take time to evaluate what you want to convey through the modern painting of your choice, that way, you will not have put it on the wall just to put it, but the action will have a meaning.

Among other aspects, you must verify the dimensions of the wall where you are going to place it, in order to put the painting with the appropriate size. 

Keep in mind that it is not a question of choosing a modern painting just because it is in fashion, you should always choose the one or those that go with your personality and that of your family and, of course, with the personality of the home, in that way, see it every day will result in delight and satisfaction.

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