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Small flats are ideal for people who live alone or for families with few members. One of the main advantages that these have is that they are very cozy, so it is very easy to turn them into a warm and beautiful home, where good energies abound.

So if you live in a small apartment and need tasteful, original and modern ideas to decorate it, you have come to the right place, because here we will give you a series of interesting decoration tips for modern small apartments that will turn your small apartment into the most beautiful and special of all.

Recommendations to take into account before decorating a small apartment

The fact that your apartment is small does not imply that you cannot let your imagination fly when it comes to decorating it, however, remember that you must always combine and balance the correct elements in order to harmonize the spaces and to create a fluid and comfortable environment .

In this sense, we invite you to take into account the following recommendations so that you can make the best decoration for small apartments: 

How small is your apartment?

It is important to be realistic, so the first thing you should do is determine how small your apartment is, in order to be clear about the dimensions of the place you want to decorate and get a first idea of ​​the type of decoration you want and the arrangement of the elements. that makes it up.

In this way, you can buy just what you need, as well as make a budget based on the square meters of your apartment. The advantage of having a small apartment is that you can achieve spectacular decorations without spending too much money.

Distribution of spaces

You already know the dimensions of your floor, now you must focus on how you want to distribute the spaces. You have to focus a lot on this point, since a simple error in the distribution or an incorrectly placed element can create a visual distortion capable of ruining your decoration completely.

So stand at various angles, corners and spaces on your floor and imagine the way you want the sofa, the side tables, the chairs, the stellar and earth paintings (which are very fashionable and cannot be missing) and other elements, that way you can start creating separate and delimited rooms despite being in a small place.

Don't saturate the spaces

Do not think for the world to saturate the decoration of each space in your small apartment, because we assure you that it will be a disaster. The best thing is that each space has a unique personality, but without ceasing to connect with each other.

Many times it happens that we decorate with elements just because we like them and that's it, without these having something to do with the rest of the decoration of the house. In a small apartment doing that is counterproductive, so control your impulses and remember that most of the time less is more.

Don't neglect the lighting

When it comes to a small apartment, lighting is very important, since it will allow you to create and delimit spaces, as well as create unique and cozy atmospheres.

You can choose between warm or cold light according to your tastes and your decoration objectives, and you can also include table lamps or light fixtures in specific corners to enhance a specific space or object.

Does your apartment have a balcony?

When a flat is small, every corner must be used, so if yours has a balcony, don't hesitate to include it in your decoration plan. And it does not matter if it is a minimal balcony, since we assure you that with the correct elements you will create an incredibly special space in which you will want to spend a lot of time relaxing.

Ideal elements to decorate your small apartment

Now that you know everything that needs to be done before decorating a small apartment, it is time to choose the elements that will be included in it. Here are some very interesting ideas: 


When it comes to a small apartment, you don't have to buy extra furniture. The suggestion is that you buy those that you need, that are completely functional and, of course, that are beautiful and go with the decoration style that you have chosen for your apartment.

One tip is to choose modular furniture, in this way you can optimize the space of your small apartment and not saturate the place. Do not forget that there must be space to walk and move inside your apartment.

Star map boxes

 Pictures of star maps are fashionable and you are surprised at noticing how well you will be on your floor. In fact, these paintings create a sense of universe and of being in space,you will automatically feel to your guests that They find themselves in a larger place than it really is.

In addition, having the possibility of sending them to be personalized will give an original and very elegant touch to any wall of your small apartment. 

From our page you can create your own map, just enter some basic data, such as the place and date of the event you want to immortalize and voila, it will be generated in just minutes. 

Ornaments and other elements

Take time to choose the decorations and other elements that will complement the decoration of your apartment. Remember that these must be in accordance with the space and, if possible, they must be functional in order to get the most out of them.

Some elements and decorations that should not be missing in your small apartment are picture frames, vases, ornaments, key holders, and the like. 

As a final observation, you can play with the shapes and dimensions of such ornaments, to create a modern and sophisticated balance in each space that is part of your small but cozy home.

The most important thing is that in the end the decoration of your small apartment goes completely with your tastes and with those of your family, that way everyone will feel comfortable, happy and safe in a home that, although it is small in size, will be great in love, style and good vibes.

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