The 7 best gift ideas for a friend

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whether it is because her birthday is being celebrated, friendship day or for any other reason. 

Giving your friend gifts is the best way to make her see how much you love her and value her presence in your life. In addition, a good gift will make her always remember you and will strengthen the bonds of friendship. This will be the case if the gift is original and creative, like the ideas that we leave you next.

How to make gifts for your best friend on her birthday?

We all love gifts, but especially those that fill a need. Therefore, the best detail you can have with your friend is to give her something that she really needs and that she can use many times

Gifts do not have to be expensive, in fact, at low prices you can find a lot of details that surprise you. You can even make the perfect gift for her yourself with your own hands. 

But how do you know which is the best gift? For this, it is important that you know your friend, her likes and interests. This way, you can prepare for her a surprise that she actually likes and with which she feels happy. 

Gift ideas for my best friend

If you are one of those who every time the day approaches you wonder what to give your best friend for her birthday, take note of these original gift ideas.

A handwritten letter

This may not be the most innovative gift on this list, but it has in its favor that the effect it usually causes is always positive. When you write a letter with pencil and paper, feelings and ideas often flow freely, and more than your hand, you will be writing the heart. 

Write a letter for your friend where you highlight how valuable she is in your life, how lucky you feel to have her and where you express the good wishes you have for her. When your friend opens the envelope and finds your letter, she will surely be excited and will realize how much you love her, because you took the time to write her.

A friendship bracelet

A bracelet is a perfect symbol of friendship and for this reason it becomes one of the best gifts you can give your best friend.

The bracelets can be used permanently and add an extra to any outfit, therefore, you will be giving something truly useful as it can be used daily by your friend. You don't necessarily have to buy the bracelet, but you can even make it yourself. 

Give away a star or terrestrial map

There is no more original gift than a painting with a personalized star or terrestrial map for your best friend because these harmonize perfectly with any type of decoration and look good in any space in the house. Therefore, your friend can hang her painting in the bedroom or in another personal place. 

These types of charts or maps are inexpensive and attractive, in fact, you can design them according to the taste of your friend to better suit her. 

From our website you can create these maps in an easy and fast way. Just choose the type of painting to create, enter your friend's data, as well as the dates and places that you want to be immortalized and generate the map. 

Once you have it in your hands, you can wrap it in gift paper or attach a bow and give it to your best friend as a birthday present or when they celebrate their anniversary of friendship. 

A collage of photos

Gather several photographs where you collect some of the most important moments that you have spent with your friend and make a collage of photos with them. 

You can give him the collage in print or in digital format. In the first case, create the collage with a mobile application, software or online tool, download it and print it so that your friend can stick it on her wall or on a picture frame. 

In the event that you want it digitally, it will only be enough to send it to them by WhatsApp, Telegram or another similar application so that they always have it on their mobile.

A personalized mug

If your friend is a coffee or tea lover, surely she will always consider a must have a cup in which to drink her favorite drink. She may have already found some models in the market, but you can surprise her by giving her a completely personalized one. 

In the design of the mug you can go with your favorite color, the initial of your name, your full name, a special phrase, and even a photo of you two. 

If you give it to her, your friend will always remember you every time she uses it, and best of all, she will be very grateful to you. 

A decorated rock

This idea may seem strange to you, but believe us when we tell you that it is one of the most original gifts you can give your friend, you will hardly receive two gifts of this type.

Choose a stone that is striking for some reason, such as its color or shape, and personalize it in some way. One idea is to paint it, make a drawing about it, write the name of your friend or yours. 

A plant

Giving a plant is another of the best gift ideas, because it can be used to decorate the house while helping to cultivate qualities and even improve the mood. 

Depending on the size of the place where your friend lives, buy a plant that fits with it. It can be small to place on the desk or larger to put at the entrance of the house. 

With these cool gift ideas for friends you are ready to surprise your friend on her special day. Among all the gifts, the stellar and terrestrial maps are the most creative idea, remember that from our website you can design them in just minutes.

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