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friends and loved ones; It is the perfect opportunity to create an Christmas decoration amazing that fills us all with excitement and happiness in abundance.

Do you want to show off this year by making the most beautiful and original Christmas decorations? Then do not miss this article, because here we bring you the best ideas and the latest trends in Christmas decoration that you cannot stop putting into practice.

Fashion trends to make Christmas decorations

Surely we all agree that traditional Christmas decorations are classic and beautiful, however, it is always good to risk a little and give an original touch to the decoration of each year based on the trends of the moment.

That is why we bring you the most spectacular ideas and trends to achieve an unforgettable Christmas decoration:

Star map charts

Star map paintings are allusive to the universe and space, these are a trend in any type of decoration and this year they have made a special place in the Christmas decorations section.

The advantage of this type of paintings is that they can be personalized, so you can send them to write messages full of love and peace, characteristic of these dates. 

Even imagine a star map box through which Santa Claus travels in his sleigh in the company of his reindeer, doesn't it excite just thinking about it? Then do not hesitate to include one of these as part of your Christmas decoration and surprise yourself to feel how the spirit of Christmas takes over the place.

Advent calendars

Although they have already become a classic of these dates, the truth is that there are advent calendars with super original and fantastic designs that become a trend every year. 

It is possible to find them in different shapes, colors and themes; from the most traditional to the most spectacular; in order to become an element of your Christmas decoration that we assure you will not only add style to the place, but will also create a magical atmosphere in your home.

It is nothing like the excitement of discovering surprises and gifts every day, until Christmas day arrives. This, without a doubt, will make the long-awaited wait much happier and more fun.

Original decoration with lights

Don't limit the use of Christmas lights to hanging on the tree or window frames. Nor do you limit yourself to buying the classic little lights that twinkle and that's it. This year, dare more and opt for customizable lights, with which you can create decorations that absolutely no one can miss.

In the market it is possible to find smart lights with which you can design complete scenes and create real Christmas shows. In addition, these can be used both indoors and outdoors so you can choose the ones that you like the most and suit you.


Red, green and gold are the classic colors of Christmas. There is no doubt that they are beautiful and that they have that special touch of the time, however, you can combine them with more daring colors such as silver, orange, magenta, violet and others to create a modern, elegant and sophisticated Christmas decoration without losing the essence. of the holiday season. 

Complement holiday decorating trends with traditional styling

We have already seen all the spectacular ideas that you can include this year in your Christmas decoration in order to stand out from the rest, however, this does not mean that you are going to give up the classic, because, in the end, the tree, the manger and the Garlands are the pure essence of Christmas.

However, we want to give you some simple ideas, so that you have the best and most spectacular classic Christmas decorations this year:

The Christmas tree

If you have the possibility to choose a natural Christmas pine it is perfect, now, if you are going to buy an artificial one you will be surprised to see the variety of models and sizes that you can find in the market.

In fact, there are some very realistic models that if you don't touch them well, you don't even realize they are fake. The important thing is that when choosing the tree you take into account the dimensions of the space where you are going to place it, so that you choose one with the appropriate size.

As for decoration, there are many ways to do it; from the classic style, to the style with toys, photographs, flowers and much more. The good news is that currently Christmas trees are fully customizable and look fantastic.

The mangers

Nativity scenes are the religious symbol par excellence on these dates and in the market you can find beautiful and delicate models, as well as of different sizes and made of different materials, so that you can choose the one you like the most and the one that best suits all your Christmas decorations.

Christmas figures

Christmas figures are a classic of Christmas, whether they are of Santa Claus, reindeer, chimneys, bells, snowmen and many others, they always fill every place where they are arranged with charm, in addition to the children they love.

There are different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your spaces.


The garlands are simply spectacular, as well as being very versatile, since they serve to decorate doors, windows, walls and any space you want.

In addition, there are different colors, sizes and various decorative elements; Not to mention that they are completely customizable and that you can do them at home with your children and even using recycled materials.

With all these ideas and recommendations, we hope you show off the best Christmas decorations and that you enjoy these holidays.

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