Wall decoration: what you need to consider

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However, there are many ways to decorate a wall, but these vary depending on the area that you want to beautify, since decorating a kitchen wall does not require the same techniques as for a living room or bedroom. .

Therefore, we have collected in this article the best wall decoration tips that do not require a very large budget. You can start from these so that you can turn any space you want into a unique and incomparable place.

Why is it important to decorate the walls?

Decorating the walls of the home has always been important, the reason is that it is not enough that the rest of the spaces are decorated if the walls are poorly arranged or decorated. So that your house in general, or the part of it that you want to decorate, looks good, you must pay special attention to the decoration of the walls.

Not only are the accessories that you decide to place important but also the colors you use, as well as the location in which you put each shelf, mirror or painting. That will depend on whether the space looks beautiful. Therefore, you should try to ensure that everything is in harmony, both the wall decoration and the rest of the environment.

How to decorate the walls of your house or flat?

It is impossible not to recognize that there are thousands of ways to decorate your walls to turn them into true works of art, however, many times we choose the same techniques using wallpaper, pictures and mirrors.

That is why below we will show you some suggestions that will be very helpful regardless of the place you want to decorate:

Study the space you want to decorate

To begin, you must know the space you want to decorate want, since the type of decoration you will depend on this. you can apply to a certain space. In addition, you must be very clear about the theme with which you want to decorate your space, this is important because it will make the space look harmonious, that is, that all the decoration goes in the same line.

Although the decoration of the entire home must be in harmony, the accessories, colors and furniture will vary depending on the space you want to decorate since for example the decoration of the kitchen, the living room, the room and the bathroom is very different.

Keep in mind that less is more

Walls, in general, are those that can mainly turn a space into a cozy, comfortable and pleasant place, but the opposite is also true, if you do not use the right colors and accessories, the space can be seen messy and overloaded. Always remember that the walls of the living room and room should preferably be light colors, so that a feeling of serenity can be produced.

However, in other areas of the house you can play more with colors, such as in the bathrooms or the game room, since you can add more intense colors. Everything will also depend on the theme with which you want to decorate, however, remember that everything must be in harmony since what is overloaded does not look good. Be careful not to fill the walls with wallpaper, pictures, and mirrors.

Play with accessories 

The accessories you decide to use will depend on the theme with which you want to decorate a certain space. However, there are some accessories that are essential in any decoration such as mirrors, shelves, pictures and stickers

In case you bet on a minimalist decoration, you could opt for beautiful paintings such as the star or terrestrial maps. These add that original touch that your wall needs, remember that, in minimalist decoration, less is more, therefore, you must take special care not to overload any area.

If you prefer industrial decoration, you could go for more daring accessories that are made of iron, metal and wood. If you want a more chic and elegant theme, the vases, natural plants, mirrors, and decorated shelves cannot be missing, especially if it is the living room or the library where you can place them to store your books or magazines.

Simple decoration and easy to install

When it comes to decorating walls, simplicity and practicality is very important. Since we are talking about accessories that normally hang on the wall, these should be easy to install. That is why the tables, shelves and shelves that you decide to place should have a good base and structure so that it is much easier to install and uninstall.

On the other hand, you also must take into consideration the space between each object, as well as the height at which it will be placed, this will have to do with making the decoration look elegant and that the space is not overloaded. 

The walls are not only decorated with wallpaper, you could also do it by hanging beautiful shelves, since they are ideal for placing different types of objects and even plants.

Decorate with beautiful stellar and terrestrial pictures

This type of pictures have become a trend and it is necessary to use beautiful paintings to decorate a wall and what better option than to decorate with a star or terrestrial map.

You can choose the design yourself, as well as the materials from which the picture frames will be created. That way you can integrate it into any space in a much easier way.

These types of paintings not only serve to beautify a place, but with them you can capture beautiful memories and moments of your life. This is possible since you yourself are the one who creates them by providing certain data such as the date and place of that important moment that you want to capture through the constellations.

We hope that all the wall decoration tips that we have shown you in this article will be very helpful and serve you to beautify your home.

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