What are the best gifts for a civil wedding?

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Then do not miss this post where we tell you what to give to the bride and groom at a civil wedding

When a couple has the gesture of inviting us to be part of a day as special as their marriage union, the unwritten but clear rule is that it is impossible to show up empty-handed. Although attendance is usually the most important thing, the truth is that it will be more valued if it is accompanied by a present. 

Can I give money as a wedding gift?

There are those who prefer a quick exit to the subject of the gift and choose to give money to the couple, an idea that is obviously not bad at all. However, knowing how much money to give often puts the guest at a crossroads. 

Is the amount enough? Is it too little? Will it help you? These are just some of the common questions asked by those who want to give money. And reality indicates that these doubts will always be there because we do not all see money in the same way or have the same means, therefore, an amount that for some is small, for others it can be a lot. So how is this dilemma resolved?

Simple: giving with the heart more than with the wallet. No matter how much you can give, the most important thing is to do it with a willing heart and spirit. Not out of obligation or commitment, but willingly.

However, it is still important to be careful when giving money, as there is a risk that the effect it causes on the couple is not as expected, since many people see this as something offensive. For this reason, many recommend avoiding giving money at a wedding and if you choose to do so, it must be accompanied by a note or other detail.

The best gift ideas for a marriage

How to get right when giving a gift for a civil wedding? Sticking to the wedding list that the couple created in which they establish the gifts they expect to receive, or following the advice that we give you below:

Small appliances

A couple who are just starting their life together needs appliances to furnish their home. Obviously, appliances such as the refrigerator, stove or washing machine are unlikely to serve as wedding gifts. On the other hand, small appliances that satisfy a specific need are usually more accessible and more practical to give away. 

We speak for example of irons, blenders, toasters, coffee makers, hand vacuum cleaners and other similar devices. 

By giving one of these, you take a load off the couple who can use their money for other expenses.

Household items

A home does not only need electrical appliances, but also other types of necessary accessories such as dishes, glasses, cutlery, towels, rugs, sheets, and others, which you can choose to give to the couple on that special day. 

If you know the couple or one of the bride and groom very well, you will surely be right with the design, color or model that they like the most and thus the gift will seem much better.

Decorative elements

Among the most traditional gifts given at weddings are decorative elements, such as vases, vases, lamps, pictures, picture frames, and natural or artificial plants. These accessories are always needed in the house as they give it a more striking and homely touch. 

Star or Earth Maps

Star and Earth maps are in fashion, and have become one of the most original and sought-after gifts for a marriage. 

With a personalized star map you can give the couple an impression of the solar system on a special date, for example, the date when they made the engagement, when they met or the date of the wedding.
The maps can be gifted in digital or printed format and can be hung anywhere in the house, to complement the decoration. Surely, when the bride and groom see it, a smile will be drawn on their faces.

To make these maps you do not need to go anywhere, on our website, completely online you can create the personalized map. Just enter some data and it will be generated in minutes. 

Give something unique

Appliances, decorations, and messages are common wedding gifts, so they may be repeated from one guest to another. While the star and terrestrial maps are unique and rare details. But they are not the only ones. 

What if you get in touch with an artist and give away an unpublished song, a poem, a painting or a sculpture? With them, the couple will be pleasantly surprised. 

Other ideas are to give away strange or collectible items that are in some way related to the bride and groom or their wedding day.

Trips, excursions, walks

It is not about giving the couple a honeymoon, but it is about giving them an experience that will remain in their minds for their entire lives

A horse ride, a day at the beach, a tour of a historic area, a boat trip, a romantic dinner, tickets to a concert or a play ... all these are intangible gifts that every couple deserves to receive.

A box of chocolates

There are very few who can resist a good chocolate, but there are also few who dare to give it away at a civil wedding, what if you make a difference and give it to yourself?

Choose the best box of chocolates you can buy, wrap it in gift paper, accompany it with a beautiful dedication and give it to the bride and groom as a gift on their special day. They will love it, especially because of how rare these types of gifts are.

If you want to give useful things, appliances will be your best decision, but, if you want to give something unique, star and terrestrial maps will always be the most recommended option. However, no matter which of these gifts for a civil marriage you want or can give, remember that the most important thing is to give it with all your love.

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