Why and how to make a minimalist decoration?

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a style that consists of decorating any space with basic elements, avoiding overloading it. In reality, in minimalist decoration the key is to avoid excess.

In this type of decoration, the main attention is directed to open spaces and not to accessories or furniture. that you can integrate, however, this does not detract from the elegance and style of the place. It will be enough that you learn to combine the elements well and have a little creativity for the results to be great.

This decorating theme goes very well with the Nordic style, which basically consists of using neutral colors, but the industrial theme will also serve as a starting point.

What are the advantages of betting on a minimalist style?

Minimalist decoration is an excellent option, not only because it is elegant and beautiful, but because it also produces positive effects on people. 

To begin with, the simple houses with a serene style, transmit peace which in turn generates happiness and a feeling of fulfillment.

Another advantage of this theme is that it is cheaper than others, mainly because it is simple and it is not necessary to buy a large number of accessories and furniture. On the other hand, minimalist-themed homes are easier to maintain and tidy up, saving you a lot of time every day.

Tips for decorating any space with the minimalist style

How to take advantage of this type of decoration? Here are a few useful tips. 

Always remember that "less is more"

The minimalist style consists of having spaces with the necessary elements, leaving aside everything superfluous. Although it is true that accessories and furniture give life to any space and add that touch of personality that is needed, you must bear in mind that it is necessary that you do not overload any area with vases, paintings or any other type of accessories.

With this style you are looking for a feeling of spaciousness, serenity and simplicity, that is why you should use only what is considered truly necessary. When decorating, you should basically use those elements that contribute to the enjoyment of the place and not just fill a space.

Choose a theme and follow it to the end

The decoration must be harmonious, for that you must be clear about the theme on which you want to base your minimalist design. Your tastes and preferences come into play here, but without forgetting that you must be objective.

For example, before you start choosing the elements that you will add to a certain area of ​​your home, ask yourself, what use will this space be given? Only then will you be able to know which elements will be required.

One suggestion, if your goal is to decorate your whole house with the minimalist style, it is advisable to start with the area that is most used, such as the living room, from there you can start with the different spaces, this will allow your design to be harmonious and consistent.

Take advantage of colors and lighting

Colors will always be relevant no matter what type of decoration you prefer for your home. In the case of the minimalist theme, the most used colors are neutrals, because if they know how to combine and integrate them strategically in any space, they will produce the desired effect of peace, serenity and cleanliness.

 White and light colors are perfect because they generate the feeling that any space is larger, however, using only white, gray or beige in a space can be counterproductive because it could give the impression of great simplicity or end being a boring topic.

Therefore, you must learn to play with colors, for this choose a color that is dominant, preferably neutral, another that serves as a complement and that adds a better feeling and finally adds another color that completes the first two.

On the other hand, lighting also plays an important role, and more so in minimalist decoration. It is good that you have large windows that provide natural lighting and that you strategically add artificial lighting using lamps, but avoiding overloading any area with them.

Add accessories and furniture strategically

Decorating a space is not something that is achieved overnight, much less is a simple task, however, it is not impossible. To achieve this, you must use some strategies like the ones we have mentioned above. But it also is essential that you know how to integrate each of the elements that you are going to use to decorate.

In the minimalist style auxiliary furniture is not allowed, which is not really necessary. If you are one of those who thinks that it is better to have them in case they were to be needed, you are wrong, since they only take up space and will not contribute to the harmony that the place should have. 

On the other hand, pictures, vases and accessories are essential, however, you must know how to choose which ones to use, you have to think it through to find that simple or striking accessory that gives a special touch.

Decorate with star and earth maps

To decorate a space with the minimalist theme, the Stellar and terrestrial maps are indicated, not only because of the elegance that characterizes them, but also because they are part of those accessories necessary for a space since they are not just another painting, but rather represent an important moment in your life.

In these types of paintings,basically you are the designer. By providing your personal data, a date and place, you can receive the stellar or earthly location. Therefore it is a special accessory to represent some memorable moment in your life. 

Likewise, these paintings are ideal since you can choose the color, the frames and the design that you want it to have and, if that were not enough, you can add any text you want to give that beautiful work of art a personal touch.

We hope you liked our decorating tips, put them into practice and enjoy a minimalist, authentic and original home.

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